Thank you for taking a few moments to view our site. It is with great humility that I am stepping forward for your consideration as your candidate for Congress, and I look forward to getting the chance to meet you.

I have never had the desire to run for office or to enter the political arena. However, I am a proud father, grandfather, and American patriot, and I believe that I cannot sit on the sidelines any longer.

The Oklahoma values that I was taught from infancy are being mocked in Washington, and the culture there is a mess with greed, corruption, and power grabbing the primary characteristics of our nation’s capital. I truly believe that the Obama administration will be more aggressive in pushing their radical liberal agenda over the next two years.

We simply cannot allow our nation to continue down this path, and we cannot allow the future of our children and grandchildren to be mortgaged away by politicians who refuse to make sacrifices!

Our campaign is running to change Washington, to provide better representation for you and your family, and to fix this mess. I believe that the Second District, as well as all of Oklahoma and America deserve a strong conservative representative who will fight tirelessly for Oklahoma values. I have no intention of being a perennial congressman, and I plan to return to my farm when the job is done.

However, because there is so much work to do, I ask that you grant me the honor of representing you for a few short years while we work to get this country back on track!


Darrel Robertson


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